Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Camping Trip

This past weekend Bart and I took the boys camping at Lake Lanier. Earlier last week when I booked the campsite from the comfort of my air-conditioned living room it seemed like a *brilliant* idea! When we got packed up and headed out is when we realized that this past weekend was going to bring the hottest temperatures of the summer so far (high 90s)—yikes!

Well we stayed cool playing in the lake, swimming, drinking lots of ice water, and we hooked up a high velocity fan at our campsite (not very rustic—I know—but I was only thinking about my little boys!!) We had a great time despite the heat and JJ kept saying “this is the life—isn’t it?”
JJ and Tyler had fun fishing, playing in the tent, and of course everyone’s favorite part were campfire s’mores (JJ has his ‘special recipe’ where he doubles the roasted marshmallows in his!) It was a fun weekend to spend some family time and show Bart how much we appreciate him!

The boys had their own way of staying cool --do rags soaked in ice water!
JJ had fun swimming and throwing his nerf football around at the beach, he made some new friends and had fun throwing the soaked football around at eachother in the water with Daddy.The boys loved hanging out in the tent and jumping on the air mattress (portable trampoline!) The best part was at night--we left the rait fly off of the tent (there was no chance of rain) and watched the stars as we fell asleep--the kids thought it was so cool and we hooked up the fan to keep us comfy! Even though it was really hot, camping is just not the same without a campfire! This was Tyler's first time making s'mores and his is defintely a 'Happy Camper'

I had to wash him down with the water hose him down by the time he was finished eating!
The boys can't wait to go camping again...I'd like to wait a few months until the weather is cooler!
We all had a great weekend in the woods and fun spending time with the family!


Christine said...

Sounds like so much fun! I am all for a Fall camping trip when it actually cools down at night...

The Smith's said...

Looks like lots of fun was had, And I am all about JJ's recipe and the doubble marshmallow idea!

gregg + camille said...

It is so good to check in on your family and see what you are up to! Tell Bart I say "hello"